Passion for food!

DP Supply is an operating company of DMK that produces functional ingredients for the global food industry.

DP Supply´s core activity is the constant search for new ways to fulfil the ever-changing requirements of your needs. Our aim is to supply our customers with innovative ingredients that possess the right functionality.

We produce spray-dried emulsions that not only meet the standards of the food industry, but also highest quality standards. A skilled development team and state-of-the-art production equipment facilitate DP Supply to design and manufacture a variety of powdered ingredients for the bakery, savoury and beverage as well as ice cream and dessert segment.

Application Groups

Our products can be used in a variety of application areas like bakery, beverages, ice cream & desserts, savoury and dairy.


Fine bakery like cakes, muffins, brownie, choux & sponge cakes as well as bread, rolls and brioche using our Fattics, Dairics and Battics range

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Italian styled coffee drinks, tea, hot chocolate as well as refreshing cold drinks & shakes using our Creamics, Foamics and Dairics range

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Ice cream & Desserts

A wide range of whipped products like crème Chantilly, mousses, crème Suisse as well as artisanal Italian ice creams including sherberts, semi freddo and soft serve ice cream using our Toppics, Dairics and Fattics range

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Instant soups like tomato & mushroom soup, béchamel sauce, mashed potato and meal replacers using our Creamics range

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Stirred and set yoghurt, cheese and instant dairy drinks using our Dairics range

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Applications with different nutritional needs like meal replacement shakes or infant-, sports- and elderly nutrition

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