Creamers or whiteners for coffee, coffee specialities, tea and cocoa as well as applications for soups and sauces are produced by DP Supply under the brand name "Creamics". "Creamics" are also used in vending machines which dispense hot beverages.

Creamers and whiteners from DP Supply are used in the foodstuffs industry

  • in the preparation of coffee and coffee specialities
  • cocoa
  • tea
  • in coffee machines, vending machines
  • soups and sauces

The special challenge to high-quality Creamics is stability regardless of the temperature and hardness of the water. Creamics from DP Supply also promise peak performance when stirred together with excellent colour features and a typically milky taste sensation. We vary our Creamics with different protein concentrations, fat types and individual customer requirements.


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