Passion for Food

DP Supply is an operating company of DMK that produces functional ingredients for the global food industry. DP Supply´s core activity is the constant search for new ways to fulfil the ever changing requirements of your needs. Our aim is to supply our customers with innovative ingredients that possess the right functionality.

We produce spray-dried ingredients that not only meet the standards of the food industry, but also highest quality standards. A skilled development team and state-of-the-art production equipment facilitate DP Supply to design and manufacture a variety of powdered ingredients for the bakery-, savoury- and beverage- as well as icecream and dessert segment.

DP Supply Markets


China is an attractive growth market for DP Supply and we are currently expanding our network here.

With its locations in Emmen (NL) and Beesten (D) DP Supply is deeply rooted in Europe - our strengths lie here in continuity and competence.

South America

South America is an important growth market for DP Supply.

Africa Market

Africa – for companies which produce valuable ingredients for the foodstuffs industry this is an exciting market which combines growth and basic s

Because of the close links between the cultural regions, the Near East and Middle East of course represent an attractive market for the food industry at

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Baked goods

Tasty bread, fresh rolls, pastries and cakes – today nobody wishes to do without delicacies from the bakery and the confectioner's, and at home too we want perfect baking mixtures!


Hot or cold drinks - to go, in a café or while watching TV at home. DP Supply supports production by the intelligent development of top-quality ingredients based on soy or cereals.



Industrial ice cream production or desserts created in haute cuisine - developments from DP Supply optimise production processes, shelf life and performance.



We enhance what nature creates and our customers specify: developments from DP Supply optimise and stabilise the taste factor and create that decisive difference in modern cuisine.


We have the solution for your requirements. Please let us know in as much detail as possible what you need in relation to your DP Supply product. You will be contacted without delay.


You have any questions or would like to contact DP Supply? Tel.: + 31 591 679 988.