Head Office & Production

Our locations reflect the history of DP supply and are a model for the consistent linking of production know-how and efficient worldwide sales.

The Beesten (D) production location has a long tradition in the spray drying of emulsions. The administrative headquarter in Emmen (NL) demonstrates on the one hand the cross-border, international operations of DP Supply, and on the other the high level of sales-development skills which were established in the years before the start of the cooperation and its integration into the DMK group.

Facts and figures

DP Supply was founded in 1992 as a company trading in creamers and has been operating since 2000 as a cooperation for fat powders. As an autonomous business unit of DMK, DP Supply is responsible within the group for the development, production and sale of non-dairy ingredients on the basis of vegetable fats, emulsifiers and milk derivatives since 2012.


The office in Emmen, Holland

The administration of DP Supply is implemented in Emmen, Holland, where both the management and the sales department are located with a staff of 30. The location has good transport links and modern infrastructure, and this is where the basis for the continuing growth of DP Supply is laid!

Production in Beesten, Germany

Production in Beesten, Germany

The Beesten production location in Germany's Emsland region features high-capacity machinery for the spray drying of emulsions. A well-qualified staff of 90 ensures high production standards in terms of quantity and quality, backed up by fast reaction times.


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