DP Supply – DMK's specialist for non-dairy ingredients

The factors which characterise DP Supply are many years of experience, creative product development and a feeling for the requirements of the market.

The DP Supply expertise is based on the long tradition of the company and its predecessor, which have successfully specialised in the optimised processing of milk ingredients. On an increasingly demanding international market the production of special ingredients on the basis of fats, proteins, milk derivatives and carbohydrates is a task for specialists such as DP Supply.

We support the market in the development of new and innovative ingredients which provide the basis for exciting product results. We supply ingredients for optimum production processes, best possible recipes and a reliable basis for safe foodstuffs and the kind of specialities the market is looking for. What's more, DP Supply also provides efficient solutions for individual market requirements and in the development of new ideas. We ensure top performance of your products with the consumer.

Fat powders (fat content up to 80 %), creamers and milk powder replacers are produced in economy, standard and premium qualities and enjoy industry-specific certification (BRC, IFS, DIN-ISO etc.). DP Supply represents the highest level of professionalism in the treatment of selected raw materials. For you as a food processor our many years of experience mean the highest levels of reliability and the opportunity to create and enhance your products at the highest level.

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We have the solution for your requirements. Please let us know in as much detail as possible what you need in relation to your DP Supply product. You will be contacted without delay.


You have any questions or would like to contact DP Supply? Tel.: + 31 591 679 988.