With its locations in Emmen (NL) and Beesten (D) DP Supply is deeply rooted in Europe - our strengths lie here in continuity and competence. The European foodstuffs market is probably one of the most specialised and industrialised foodstuffs market in the world.

Demanding final customers always expect the latest standards of product reliability and products with high performance potential. The industry expects process optimisation at the highest level with constant safeguarding of competitiveness, sustainability and above all a partner who thinks in terms of the market and provides the right support when it comes to fulfilling the demands of this market.

DP Supply is a strong partner for food production in Europe.

Products for Europa

Our local teams are highly familiar with the special features of individual regions, even before the potential customer has started thinking about the formula for new products. The major strengths of DP Supply consist of expert and trouble-free storage of large or small volumes of raw materials under a wide range of climatic conditions, and processing these materials in an optimised way. Our products conform to regional requirements profiles and of course comply with the norms and standards which apply in each specific region.

Our focal point lies in spray-dried ingredients for the fields of bakery, savoury products, desserts / ice cream and vending.

On the European market our focal points lie in the following areas:

  • Spray dried fat powders with up to 80 % of various fat bases.

  • Creamers / whiteners for coffee, coffee mixes, tea, cocoa, soups and sauces applications and as topping for vending machines.

  • Creme replacer - Based on vegetable fats, emulsifiers and carriers from the dairy and starch industry.

  • Milk powder replacers based on vegetable fats and a carrier of dairy products like simmed milk or whey.

  • Instant foaming agents - Non Dairy Foamer.

Our Sales-Team for Europe

Sales agencies worldwide

We don't serve all the markets of this world, but where we are represented we can offer you competent local contact persons. You will find the agency responsible for you on our map.

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We have the solution for your requirements. Please let us know in as much detail as possible what you need in relation to your DP Supply product. You will be contacted without delay.


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