Africa Market

Africa – for companies which produce valuable ingredients for the foodstuffs industry this is an exciting market which combines growth and basic supply requirements. Whereas the North and the South, together with large parts of the 'green belt' are aiming at the highest levels in their production of foodstuffs, in areas which are rural and lacking the necessary infrastructure the focus is on optimising basic supplies and the establishment of modern structures for a foodstuffs industry that is ready for growth.

Africa is a market with major development potential and requires real experts with specific know-how. Our local agencies and sales experts at headquarter in Holland are familiar with the various market conditions as well as specific social and political features. For the Latin American foodstuffs industry DP Supply is a creative partner to producers of blends and companies specialising in bakery, savoury and ice cream products as well as mixtures in a range of applications. It is our aim to apply our experience on the specialised ingredients market to the benefit of our customers in Africa.

On the African market our focal points lie in the following areas:

  • Spray dried fat powders with up to 80 % of various fat bases.

  • Creamers / whiteners for coffee, coffee mixes, tea, cocoa, soups and sauces applications and as topping for vending machines.

  • Creme replacer - Based on vegetable fats, emulsifiers and carriers from the dairy and starch industry.

  • Milk powder replacers based on vegetable fats and a carrier of dairy products like simmed milk or whey.

  • Instant foaming agents - Non Dairy Foamer.

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